lundi 18 mars 2013

THE HERO : A poem dedicated to Chokri Belaïd

I will carry my soul in my hand
And throw it in the valleys of death
It’s either a life that makes a friend happy
Or a death that makes an enemy angry
The noble man’s soul has two goals
To die or to achieve its dreams
When I speak, all the world listen
And my voice echoes among people
I see my death, but I rush to it
This is a death of a man… a real man… a great man
And whoever desires an honorable death
Then this is it
How am I patient with spiteful ?
And patient with all this pain ?
Is it because of fear ?
While life has no value to me !
I will throw my heart at my enemies’ faces
And my heart is iron and fire !
I will protect my land with edge of the sword
So my people will know that I’am the hero

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